Below are some frequently asked questions about our affiliate program.

Q. “Get links & banner” section do not have banners of size/color I am looking for. What can I do?

Just drop an email to us and we will try to create banners of different sizes. Rest, you are free to edit/create banners for promotional purpose.

Q. Some products have option of purchasing setup service. Will I get commission on setup service also?

Yes. You will get commission of every transaction!

Q. What if client uses promo-codes during purchase?

You will get commission as a percentage of discounted price.

Affiliates Program for Services

Q. My friend/client needs your services. Can I refer them directly without using my affiliate link?

Yes. You can directly contact rtCamp and tell us about your friend. We will get in touch with them and add concerned lead as your affiliate from administrative-area of affiliate tool.

Some of our top affiliates are connected to a member from our project manager team. They prefer to connect their new contacts directly through emails/skype to us. We handle creating affiliate account, adding lead, tracking commission and sending payout for them. Some of these affiliates have never logged into their affiliate-dashboard till date.

Q. I have referred many people. Can I see breakdown of my affiliate earning per person I referred?

Sorry. To protect privacy of our clients we do not disclose their details. If you are friends with them, may be you can ask them directly about their billing with rtCamp. If you have referred only 1 client directly to us then you can make an easy guess but we try our best to protect privacy of our client.

Q. What forms of promotions are allowed for affiliates?

Anything except spamming! On ethical grounds, we request you to promote things to targeted audience only.  That may lead to less clicks but it may give you better conversions and karma.

For Indian Affiliates…

Q. Why rtCamp does not offer PayPal payout option for Indian Affiliates?

PayPal cannot be used for domestic payments in India. So even though we wish to offer PayPal payments, this is something we cannot provide as of now. In future, if PayPal changes this on our end, we will be happy to send you payout via PayPal.

Q. What is TDS? Why you are deducting it?

Govt. of India makes it mandatory for Indian companies to deduct 10% of affiliate income as TDS (Tax deducted at source). We submit this TDS to govt. which is like your advance income-tax.

At the end of financial year, we will send you FORM 16, which you can use while filing your income tax returns.

Q. I am not taxable. Will you still deduct TDS?

Yes. Deduction is mandatory. If you are not taxable, you can claim refund for TDS. In any case, filing your income tax returns even for zero-taxable income is good thing.

Q. Why I need to submit my PAN number?
This will be needed since we will submit the TDS on your behalf.