Blogger To WordPress Traffic & Permalinks Redirection Plugin

Major Update: This plugin’s new version has been released with many new features like:

  • Zero changes requires on WordPress-side. Plugin handles everything automatically on WordPress.
  • New configuration wizard help you setup redirection without much efforts.
  • Supports importing from multiple blogs.
  • Add supports for “rel=canonical” & “meta-refresh” tags on which will speed-up redirection. This will help search engine update their index faster.

Link: Blogger to WordPress Redirection Plugin

Update: This plugin maintains permalinks but in case you want to preserve Google Pagerank and other search engine ranking, please read this new complete tutorial first.

If you have imported your blog from blogger ( then you might be redirecting visitors from your old blogspot blog to your new wordpress blogs HOMEPAGE. While this approach ensures that you get all the traffic redirected from your old blog to new blog, a visitor may feel lost! What if a person is referred to your old blog via search engine or other link listings?

So this plugin just takes care of this part. It checks for which post people were looking on old blog and then redirect them to same post but on new blog! See following picture which will give you brief idea about what you can accomplish using this plugin…


This plugin assumes following things:

  • You used wordpress blog importer while importing your blogspot beta blog.
  • You put redirection code in your old blogspot blog. An example of code is attached below. I strongly recommend using it only.
  • You have imported only one blog. In next version I will remove this restriction so that you can import (or say merge) two or more blogspot blog into one new wordpress blog.

Installation (Blogger Blogspot Part):

  1. Log into your blogger account.
  2. Select old blogspot blogs template/layout. If you are using new custom layout, use “Revert to Classic Template” option on Edit HTML.
  3. Go to “Edit HTML” tab.
  4. Put following codes there with one important change and save changes.

(Important: Replace in following code with your wordpress blog URL)

<script LANGUAGE="JavaScript">
<meta http-equiv="Refresh" content="10; URL="/>
<meta http-equiv="expires" content="10"/>
<meta name="Description" content="301 moved permanently"/>
<title>301 moved permanently</title>
<h1>Devils Workshop</h1>
<p>has been moved to new address</p>
<a href=""> <h1></h1></a>
<p>Sorry for inconvenience... </p>

Installation (WordPress Part):

  1. Click here to download Blogger To WordPress 1-2-1 Redirection Plugin. A file to your PC. Unzip it.
  2. Upload rbBloggerToWordpress.php into ‘wp-content/plugins’ folder.
  3. Go to plugins option under wordpress’s Admin panel. You will see a “Blogger To WordPress Redirector” Plugin Listed there. Blogger_to_Wordpress_redirector
  4. WAIT! Do NOT click Activate. First Click Edit.
  5. On next screen put your old blogspot blog address next to $oldBlogURL variable! For ease search and replace it with your blogspot address. Sorry for this manual work, I will automate this step in next version.
  6. Then click Update File link their to save changes.
  7. Go back to plugins page and this time Activate the plugin!

That’s it! This plugin will now onwards map your old blogspot post to new wordpress posts on 1-to-1 basis.

Known Issues:

  • Popular desktop blogging client Windows Live Writer stops working if you use this plugin. But there is temporary workaround. Disable the plugin & paste following code into current templates index.php [i.e. Main Index Template] before everything else! [Path: Admin Dashboard >> Design >> Theme Editor]

#Code: [Note: Replace with your old Blogspot address]

oldBlogURL = "";
$refarr = explode("/", $ref);
if ($refarr[2] == $oldBlogURL ){
  $bloggerurl = '/'.$refarr[3].'/'.$refarr[4].'/'.$refarr[5];
  $sqlstr = " SELECT wposts.guid FROM $wpdb->posts wposts, $wpdb->postmeta wpostmeta WHERE wposts.ID = wpostmeta.post_id AND wpostmeta.meta_key = 'blogger_permalink' AND wpostmeta.meta_value = '".$bloggerurl."' ";
  $wpurl = $wpdb->get_results($sqlstr, ARRAY_N);
  if ($wpurl){
      header( 'Location: '.$wpurl[0][0].' ') ;

Example :: How this plugin works?

First note that,  there are two parts – blogger part and wordpress part.

Also for the sake of simplicity lets assume is mapped to

Now observe journey of a user…

  1. User requests old post –
  2. send user to
  3. Now at, second parts get activated as visitor is coming from
  4. Second part checks for HTTP Referrer information from where it finds URL of
  5. Using this information second part at wordpress finds and sends it to browser.

In fact, the whole process is so transparent that if a user have address bar disabled he will never notice any sign of redirection process. ;-)

About Javascript code at blogger end… its for non-standard browsers who don’t respect meta tags.

About NOINDEX FOLLOW, it tells crawler not to index blogspot page but FOLLOW redirect. Also NOINDEX will instruct crawler to drop already indexed version of page. We need to use NOINDEX because new wordpress post have same content as old blogspot post. This is to ensure that we explicitly handles duplicate content problem.

Let me know if I am missing something as this is my first wordpress plugin.

Credits: I am grateful to Charles and Live HTTP headers firefox extension for their help while coding this plugin!

[Updated: 2008, July 20 - After my  Jimmy's comment]

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  1. Wow bro so you write wordpress plugins also, cool yaar, you are too good with this stuff, i will gonna need this plugin soon. thank you very much for your efforts and sleepless night.

  2. hey rahul is this haloscan commenting system???

  3. Ahh rahul you got me wrong re…
    Actually this is off the topic but actually I wanted to ask about the inline comment system you use on DW.
    I searched DW a lot but couldn’t find anything about it, looks you never shared this with us :P

  4. @Corpse
    The comment we use here comes built-in with wordpress! :-)
    If your point is how I highlighted my comments then I use a small plugin and little bit editing of code.
    I think u r comparing this with blogspot blogs where people need to click on link post comment. Then they go to fill up comment form on next page and so on…

  5. absolutely right bro… So could you tell a way to get a similar kind of comment layout for the blogger thingy…I hate the popup or newpage comment system..

  6. @Corpse
    I left blogger around six months. At that time there was no good solution to do this! :-(
    Anyway I will check again to see if there is any new development. If I find something I will surely post it on this blog. :-)

  7. When I activated the plugin, my site disappeared and I got this error:

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/evilscie/public_html/wp-content/plugins/rbBloggerToWordpress.php:12) in /home/evilscie/public_html/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 391

    • @EvilScienceChick
      First sorry for late reply as I was away on vacation…

      Now in ur case this plugin is conflicting with pluggable.php and the problem is in pluggable.php file as mentioned in a topic on wordpress forum. [Link]

      Read that topic and check if things works out for u… :-)

  8. [...] a new WordPress plugin will help you in retaining your old traffic. The plugin is called “Blogger To WordPress 1-2-1 Redirection Plugin“, that allows you to redirect individual blogger posts to their respective posts in [...]

  9. [...] [update - Jan 25, 2008] a new plugin has been released that performs a mapping and redirects all the old urls to your new WordPress blog. I haven’t tried it out yet, but a very promising new plugin for those who want to migrate from blogger to hosted WordPress. [...]

  10. Hi Rahul, I get a problem here! I have use with a domain name previously; Then yesterday I transfer blogger to wordpress, I successfully transfer everything to wordpress, and now I wanna transfer the traffic too. But this plugin is doesnt work when I change in file with So can you please guide me on this issues? Wish to get your reply asap.

    p.s: I also change to permanentlink to without date: /%postname%/ only. Hope you can check it out. Wait for your respond.thanks for your time.

  11. @Louiss
    First I am sorry for late reply as I was on vacation…

    Now permalink change should not affect working of this plugin as its interacting directly with wordpress database!

    Anyway answer following question as I do not have adequate details…

    1. Can you access your wordpress database via phymyadmin or any other interface?
    2. How you imported your old blog to new blog? Which tool u used?
    3. What happened after activating plugin?
    >>Redirection failed (visitors from old post went to new blogs homepage)
    >>page nor found error recieved

    Also note anyone going to your old homepage will continue to see your new homepage!
    Its Homepage ==>> Homepage
    & Post ==>> Post redirection!

    Please provide any other details if any so we can find a solution ASAP! :-)

    • I am having one of these problems. I can access my database via phpmyadmin. I first imported all blogger post to blog via the import option then downloaded it to my pc and uploaded it to self hosted blog via wordpress default import fuction. Everything is working but the visitors are redirected to new blog’s homepage! Please help me!

  12. Thanks for reply man, here are the answer:

    1. I can access through phpmyadmin
    2. First time I import my content to then download the files, after that upload at BUt it’s limited, coz I have more than 300 posts, so I do another work, use feedpress to feed the latest content to my blog.
    3. Yes, I got error, cant login to my wp-admin!

    • @Louiss
      Means u had blog first at , then u moved to and finally to
      Act this plugin is not capable of taking care of your situation! :-(

      Can you afford to do a to import?
      Also let me know how many post u did posted at

      I wil try to figure out things but buddy cant assure you about solution…

  13. Thanks rahul for your feedback. Yes, I not directly import it to have only 165 posts.

    I cannot transfer directly to due to some error that I cant fix in wordpress files.

    do you mean I need to imporant all over again? If I need to delete, do you have any plugin recommended to delete all my posts just a click?

    • @Louiss
      With phymyadmin interface you can delete whole database in one click!
      Or you can just drop tables like wp_posts but if u can drop entire database (means complete reinstallation) that will be great…

      by the way what error message you got while importing from to directly??
      Check official wordpress article on import also..

      If you can afford complete reinstallation that will be the best…
      lets try resolving whatever error you are getting while doing import! :-)

  14. I did the same as Louiss:

    x.blogger–> –>

    Because of some php/ssl error, and now I can’t redirect the posts :(

    any thoughts on how to solve this?

  15. @BL
    First sorry for late reply buddy… :-(
    Now as I asked Louissm if your blog is not old then consider making a fresh migration from ->
    Rest catch me on messenger I will be able to help you… My Email Id:

    I really want to fix this issue buddy… So please respond! :-)

  16. I am currently in the process of moving my Blogger site over to WordPress, but because I used Windows Live Writer with an FTP setup, I can’t use WordPress’ “Blogger Import” functionality. I’m having to do each post manually through Live Writer…unless someone has a really good suggestion.

    Question – will your plugin work for me after I make the switch since I couldn’t use the WP import tool?


    • @Cody
      The plugin makes use of metadata generated while importing from Blogger to WordPress by importer tool.
      So I guess it can not work as it is in your case.
      Still I guess this plugin can be fixed.
      All I need is more data. So let me know when you done with migration.

  17. Sorry, I’ve been away from computers for the last days.

    I’ve been able to import my old blog, from Blogspot, to my new self-hosted WP, and got it working (95% – Some links were not a perfect match).

    However I’ve decided to start my new blog from scratch, so I have given up on the import. :/

    Thank you for your help :)

    • @BL
      As you wish buddy… :-)
      By the way there is no harm importing your old work on new blog.
      Just don’t keep it on old and new blog at the same time… :-)

      Best of luck for new blog… :-)
      If u need any help let us know!
      -Rahul :-)

  18. Hi there, I think I’m having a similar problem. I keep getting this error when I try clicking a link to my old blog via Google…

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/yousou5/public_html/wp-content/plugins/rbBloggerToWordpress.php:12) in /home/yousou5/public_html/wp-content/plugins/rbBloggerToWordpress.php on line 46

    Any help would be awesome. :-)

  19. Well, I tried the temporary workaround code and it didn’t help. I have some redirect code that is sending visits to my home page, but when I activate this plugin it gives me errors like that. Also, I have to delete the plugin file via FTP to deactivate it as it gives me a similar error (with pluggable.php instead).

    I am also using these things…

    Dagon Design Form Mailer
    Simple Tags
    Sticky Post

    • @Skittle
      Hey bro thanks for reverting and sorry for late reply.
      Now I am just in process of releasing newer version of this plugin.
      You can expect it within 24 hours and I guess it will fix many issues you friends are having.

      In mean time, it will be great if you post your redirection code here!

    • @Skittle
      Can you check new version of this plugin?
      Let me know if its work for you. Act I never got header error so not sure…
      Click here to download!

  20. I’ve been using Blogger custom domain for a year. And I just transfered the blog to selfhosted wp. I had imported all the posts from blogger to wp using import in wp. Everything is set up already. The homepage looks fine. But when I clicked the individual post that i imported from blogger, it viewed with the old blogger layout instead of new wp theme. I already using your plugin but it doesn’t help. Even the transfer team from my hosting company (which I paid them for the transfer service and end up with this problem) don’t know how to solve this. Anyone know how to fix this? Please help!

    • @Dunn
      First I guess you should not have gone to any hosting company for transfer as its simple process…
      Anyway can you check database tables yourself?
      And one more thing there is no domain name change in your case. So this plugin is not for you.
      Also try to give me some post urls which shows old blogger template!

  21. Hi Rahul! Thank you for your response.
    I don’t understand about wp, that’s why I used their service.
    I don’t know how to check database tables. Can you be more specific or guide me for that?
    I had deactivated your plugin, cause it gave me error.
    My original link that I’ve been using for the past year was /%year%/%monthnum%/%postname%.html. since it gave me error, i changed the permalink to /%year%/%monthnum%/%postname% which I had to risk loosing all the links back to my site. You can see the example of the error in this link :
    this is the recent link :
    I tried using the permalink redirect, but it still wont redirect to the new permalink.

    • @Dunn
      Sorry for late reply dude..
      Now I checked links given by u and also googled for help!
      I have reached to following conclusions…

      1. This plugin will not work for you in present situation
      2. Sorry to say but the guys who managed your migration did pathetic job. Same content at two different URL means bad SEO, loss in traffic & revenue. Also it creates user confusion in your case due to different designs.
      3. I think migration is incomplete. I mean content from blogspot to wordpress were copied when they should have moved! I mean old content should be made inaccessible or completely deleted.

      Now it seems you are new to wordpress so better not to play with database yourself so soon. Also there are so many things to check that you will need an expert to do this job.
      You can call any friend for help. I won’t mind helping you but better check if you have a friend who is good at wordpress! Whatever happens don’t call earlier guys again.

  22. “Same content at two different URL means bad SEO, loss in traffic & revenue. Also it creates user confusion in your case due to different designs.”
    Is this mean I should change the permalink back to the old one?
    I will contact you directly to your email, if you don’t mind.

  23. [...] avoid having same content with two different URL, I’ve decided to switch back to my old permalink structure which is using “.html” [...]

  24. Hi Devil
    many thanks to your plugin
    but i found that post-to-post redirect have broken link problem

    hope to hear u soon ;)

    • @Xiawa
      Sorry for late reply buddy as I was away from this blog… :-(
      Now can you please explain more about broken link problem?
      What do you mean by?
      any examples, etc???

      Please let me know in detail as I am looking forward for developing next version of this plugin… :-)

  25. Hi devil, thanks for your reply :D
    lets say my old blog link is, and i use this plugin to redirect all the posts to,
    for blog-to-blog. it works
    but when post-to-post,it become 404 error after redirect

    and i found that after i activate this plugin, some .php file can’t show properly.

    • @Xiawa
      There are some issues with plugins…
      So better use codes given in temporary workaround section in above post.

      Also you must put proper redirection code at old blogspot blog. An example code is also provided in most.
      Please note that you need to modify codes as per your domains names.

      If you need any help, please feel free to reply back… :-)

  26. I wrote up a guide that takes into account forwarding the individual posts from your blogger account and everything you need to do to make that happen. It is much clearer than this, and I think it’s easier to implement. It also in general just gets users from your old site to your new one in a happy way, beyond the individual posts. For all you lost users that were like me just a few days ago, I highly recommend you take a look.

    Successfully Forwarding Blogger to WordPress

  27. @Jimmy
    After carefully going through your and your friends post, I have observed that…

    1. You are using Javascript to calculate wordpress post URLs. This will fail for search engine as they have javascript disabled. So using your way all SEO juice will be gone! :-(
    2. Next it puts restriction on WordPress Permalink structure. Also there may be date mismatch as mentioned by Chris. This all means your solution is not fullproof.

    Also read this official article from Google on Javascript redirects, which further makes it clear as why one should not use your codes.

    So buddy if you are newly moved better use my plugin to save your PageRank and normal traffic! ;-)

  28. Rahul,
    I had taken a look at your plugin before deciding on my solution. Why? I can’t understand how to use your plugin and really I don’t see how it’s any different from my solution. Let me explain.

    You provide little explanation of how to actually redirect posts from blogger. You simply say that the plugin “assumes that you are using ‘javascript’ or ‘static links’ to redirect users to your new blog”. Most users, myself included when I was looking for guides on this, do not know what this means exactly or how it’s implemented. Beyond that, the example code you provide for redirecting blogger is javascript! You are using a javascript redirect! And it is also nofollow and noindex. Again, how is link juice being passed?

    Google may not like javascript redirects, but when you noindex your blog it doesn’t matter either way.

    If your plugin works and passes on link love, I’d love to use it. I’d gladly throw away the guide I just wrote up and just use your solution. But I simply don’t see how your solution is really any different from mine. Beyond that, I feel overall my instructions are clearer than yours.

    Nothing is fool proof and I’m sure your solution works. I just don’t understand how it works as you say it does.

    • Hi Jimmy,

      Just update above post. I admit that there were many things which were not clear. I tried my best to clean it up.
      Also included an example in it. Please go through it again.
      Sorry for confusion… :-(

      -Rahul :-)

  29. Rahul,
    It’s all good, I just want to make sure users are clear. The redirects you are using are not 301. They are 200 and use instant Meta Refresh, which Google associates with spam. You want to give at least a 3-4 second delay before redirecting users because if the googlebot sees an instant refresh it will assume you are trying to cloak.

    You can find out what kind of redirect your site is using by going to

    Again, you are using javascript to redirect. In order to have google know what to follow on a post by post basis you’d have to edit the header information on each individual post, which is prohibitive for most people. You also don’t explain where to put the javascript code within your blogger HTML, which I imagine is pretty critical information.

    To be clear, your method absolutely will not pass on link juice. As far as I know, it actually isn’t possible to do nice clean 301 redirects from blogger. Your method is actually remarkably similar to mine, and I guess it would just depend on which type of implementation people would prefer.

  30. Hi Jimmy,
    Here are answers again…
    This service ignores all type of redirection, so use LiveHttpHeaders if you really want to inspect header! :P

    Next javascript is to redirect HUMANS which will otherwise see META tag redirection. To fill the difference disable javascript in your browser and check my old blog!

    About putting codes in blogger template…
    You have to replace entire template code with small chunk of code I given above.

    About “edit the header information on each individual post”…
    Do you really think I am insane! :D
    I never said anything like that. All code need to be put at blogger are given in above post itself.

    By the way if your method was that good why were you looking for an alternative? And why don’t you use it only?

  31. Hi Jimmy,
    Thanks for 0 second redirection warning. :-)
    Yep it may be consider as a spam so changed it to 10 second.
    Also updated post again.
    I guess proper SEO is not possible. I have to investigate the issue further. :-(

  32. I think we’re misunderstanding each other a little bit, but that’s ok. Just to answer one of your previous questions, I was never looking for an alternative to my solution.

    Originally I was looking for a solution for our own blogger blog, and came across your blog. The original instructions were too vague (you’ve mostly fixed that), and so I went on to other ones, nearly all of which weren’t that good of a solution. I figured that I would help people by creating my own version that was ultra-clear. I thought that if I had found a guide like mine when I was first looking, it would have saved me a lot of time. So that’s why I’ve been spreading it around.

    I think you’re solution would work just fine, and as I said, it works very similar to mine in terms of the way it redirects from blogger. I just didn’t realize how it worked in the beginning. Your further explanation I think will help users coming to your blog.

  33. @Jimmy
    Ya… But I am still hopeful. Only think now I need is somehow to get “referrer” information at wordpress side, even if javascript is disabled.
    That way this will work but chances of finding a way around are very low!
    Because anything at bloggers side can be done using only javascript and meta tags.
    They don’t allow us to do any server side scripting… :-(

  34. I am also receiving this error and I am on a fresh installation with no other plugins enabled. Any ideas?

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /wp-content/plugins/blogger-to-wordpress-redirection/rbBloggerToWordpress.php:12) in /wp-content/plugins/blogger-to-wordpress-redirection/rbBloggerToWordpress.php on line 46

    • @Charles
      Rather than using plugin on wordpress side, try using codes posted in “Known Issues” section.
      The above error message means the plugin is conflicting with some other plugin. :-(

  35. 1. I do not have any other plugins.
    2. The code fix seems to work as the url changes to the correct url in the browser bar but, the browser then renders a 404ish looking page which says;

    “Redirect Loop

    Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete.

    The browser has stopped trying to retrieve the requested item. The site is redirecting the request in a way that will never complete.

    * Have you disabled or blocked cookies required by this site?
    * NOTE: If accepting the site’s cookies does not resolve the problem, it is likely a server configuration issue and not your computer.”

    BTW: Thanks for the help and the cool plugin… I have faith that we can make this work.

  36. When you say to add that code to the index… you mean the root index file correct? Not the theme index?

    If I put it at the top of my root index file I get this error;

    “Fatal error: Call to a member function get_results() on a non-object in public_html/index.php on line 8″

  37. I’m trying to transfer users trafic post-to-post. I used your solution but when i try to use your theme in blogger, occurs an error and Blogger don’t let me put this code.

    I have deleted tags because it does’nt funcion.

    Then i have added only the part. I have installed sucessfully the plugin in wordpress, but it seems that don’t take effect. Post-to-post redirection failed, nothing happens.

    What could it be?

    • @coyr

      I guess you made some mistake at blogger part.
      Please note above code need to be replaced with Blogger template HTML.
      Reply with each step you have performed at Bloggers end.

  38. Thanks for answer. When i try to put your code:

    301 –
    Se ha mudado a un dominio propios
    Disculpas por el incoveniente…

    First i have to delete a tag because it is not closed. The error was:

    The element type “center” must be terminated by the matching end-tag “”.

    Then when i try to save again appear another error:

    Only can exist an unique theme mask, and we have finded:0

    Is there a diferent method to edit this theme? what i’m doing wrong?

  39. @Coyr
    Sorry for late reply buddy. Ya center tag must be closed and it was mistake from my side. I corrected the code now. But actual problem is somewhere else.
    You have to use “Revert to Classic Template” option on Edit HTML page. Only then can you put above code there, even eith open “center” tag.

    Please let me know if this remains unsolved further.

  40. Thanks!!!!! :D Now all it’s fine!

  41. I am using this plugin and I have come across two issues.

    1. The redirect works as advertised when using FireFox, but when trying in IE7, it just goes straight to the new blogs home page. Is this an IE bug or an implementation error?

    2. When I activated your plugin, it broke my RSS feeds. They started throwing an error. I have no idea why this plugin would affect the RSS feeds, but I had all other plugins deactivated and only this one active, and the RSS broke. As soon as I deactivated it, the RSS started working great.

    Also FYI, I tried to post a comment here using FF2, but when I submit it just went back to the original post page and my comment was not there to even say it was awaiting moderation. Sorry if this is a duplicate comment. I could also not use the Forum in FF.

  42. @Steve
    I use Mac so no idea about IE. :-(
    For RSS problem, instead of activating plugin better use workaround codes given in above post.
    It will surely solve RSS problem and it may as well solve IE problem too.

  43. Thanks Rahul. The workaround fixed my RSS problem. Unfortunately IE still just goes to the home page. :-(

  44. @Steve
    Hi Steve, I will try to fix this from IE ASAP.

  45. hmm,…nice tricks…
    May i translate to indonesian this article and publish to my site?

  46. Thanks Rahul.
    Success fr you, have a nice day.
    Good luck!

  47. SO if you change your uri to something like /category/10/15/2008/post-name, this won’t work?

    • @Antidaily -
      First sorry for late reply buddy as I was away on a long vacation. :-(
      Now plugin should work no matter what link structure you use at wordpress blog end.
      If you tried and faced some problem, please let me know.

  48. Hi There,

    Thanks for this plugin, it’s working well.

    I did come across one potential error that you might like to know about. After installing this plugin Feedburner was having difficulty validating my feed, telling me that there was ‘Blank line before XML declaration’.

    I found this site that provides more information on the error and by process of elimination discovered the file rbBloggerToWordpress.php to be the culprit.

    The 4 PHP blocks in this file each have a blank line between them, removing this fixed the error and now my feed validates again.

    Cheers for the hack :)

  49. [...] from where I still get consist traffic because of my own wordpress plugin developed to maintain permalinks while moving from blogger to wordpress, followed by Orkut which is our favorite topic for [...]

  50. Hello Rahul- Thanks for the plug-in. I have incorporated it, but have run into 2 problems:
    1) In IE7- It doesn’t redirect to the specific page in WordPress

    2) In Firefox, I get the following error:

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/content/s/t/e/steakhead/html/wp-content/plugins/blogger-to-wordpress-redirection/rbBloggerToWordpress.php:12) in /home/content/s/t/e/steakhead/html/wp-content/plugins/blogger-to-wordpress-redirection/rbBloggerToWordpress.php on line 46

    Any ideas?


    • @Mark
      I already posted solution for second problem. Try workaround given in above theme which require codes to be pasted into theme.
      I guess that may help you solve your first problem as well.
      Also deactivate the plugin when you use workaround code.
      Please try this and let me know about the progress. :-)

  51. Thanks Rahul- The workaround was successful in Firefox, but it still directs to the homepage in IE7.


    • @Mark

      I use mac and do not have access to IE7 right now. :-(
      I will surely put this on my TO-DO list.

      BTW this means u will only loose post-level redirection for IE7 visitors which might be around 30%

  52. [...] but this is the only way not to loose your pagerank, most of the traffic and SEO juice. Rest we can move all traffic and maintain permalinks using wordpress plugin/hack I have posted around a year [...]

  53. Rahul,

    Great plug-in, nice concept. Unfortunately, I’m having a problem. The redirection from the old Blogger homepage to the new WordPress homepage works fine; however, any subpage from the old Blogger doesn’t work. It tries to redirect to the WordPress homepage and comes up with a completely blank page.

    Ever seen this before?

    Thanks for any help in advance.

  54. It stop working as and when I Activate the WP-CAche Plugin. But When I DeActivate the Wp-Cache Plugin, My Feedburner is showing error., what to do., Please Help

    More over My new Blog Address has stop showing in the Google Search Help Needed.,

    • @BInterest
      This guide is now updated and plugin is now just part of it. Please have a look at new guide here.
      Also thanks for bringing wp-cache problem to my notice. For time being you can deactivate this plugin and use workaround codes given in the post above.

  55. Dear, thanks for the reply so fast….
    Working with the Codes which you provided does not work with wp cache on… same problem as it was with the plugin…. I have deleted all the cache and then tried also.. but the same result all the url of my old blogspot to home page.,

    Help needed help needed……….

    • @BInterest
      What are URLs of your blogspot and wordpress blogs?
      Also which browser you are using for testing?

  56. Hi Rahul,

    You rocks man !

    I had follow all step and in five minutes is moved to

    It’s truly amazing. Thanks a lot man !!

    Cheers !!!

  57. Hi Rahul,

    I had transfer my blog but FEED are not working. Kindly have a look @ bellow mention sites.

    I had follow all step and in five minutes is moved to

    It’s truly amazing. Thanks a lot man !!

    • @Jaydip
      Your problem is altogether different.
      Most probably one of following should work…
      1. Check your theme files for extra white spaces, i.e. extra blank line at the beginning or at the end. Most likely problem is in functions.php or header.php or footer.php file. But it can be any theme file.
      2. Also if you have pasted code given in above post then please check if accidentally 2-3 blank lines were added before <?php tag
      3. If you can not find blank lines or extra space outside php-block, then try changing theme.
      4. If after changing theme, you feed works, then problem must be in theme. Otherwise it is most likely caused by any plugin you are using at your wordpress.

  58. @ Jaydip Parikh

    I guess you are using only post name as your permalink. /%postname%/, right?

    If you want to maintain the same URL structure, you need to follow the blogger permalink style. Read the post clearly and try to do things accordingly.

  59. IE8 also has the same issue as IE7. The plug-in will only redirect to the home page for the new site.

    The plug-in works just fine with Google Chrome.

    • @TechPaparazzi
      Yes. It will work with future releases too as it doesn’t make use of many WordPress functions.

      Can you send me links of your old Blogger blog and new wordpress blog?
      I can’t say much about it without checking those sites.

      This is because extra whitespace is getting inserted in your feed.
      This may happen because of a plugin of whitespaces outside php tags in theme files.
      Check your wordpress themes ‘function.php’ file. It may contain extra whitespaces towards the end of file.

  60. Hi Rahul,
    This is such an awesome idea! I have used the first bit of code successfully (the blogger side html), and it goes to my wpblog’s home page.

    NOW I’m getting a very WEIRD redirection: The plugin is WORKING, but instead of forwarding to:
    it is going to:
    which of course is creating a 404 not found page direct from Apache!

    Do you know WHY this would happen?? :)

    thanks again for awesome plugin!

  61. Hey Rahul, My feeds again stopped. Check

  62. [...] left images hosted on my old Blogger account, and I see no issues with doing this. DW even has readymade code to fill in your template if you want to redirect any traffic to your old Blogger blog to your new [...]

  63. Thanks for the tutorial.

  64. You devil you, OMG you are a Genius! I’ve tried everything for the past month I have been teaching myself codes etc and I am a total newby with no html, css, php experience at one point I almost gave up my blog since I couldn’t tranfer my blogspot to wordpress, and yesterday I found your site and did what you asked and TADA!!! I can’t believe I used to stay up till’ wee hours of the morning learning and reading so much crap when you had it all figured out, congrants and thank you so much for your work! You’ve made my day and I also subscribed to your site.


    • @Andrew & @Glendy
      Thanks for wonderful comment. It really made my day! :-)

      Redirect don’t work in IE as noted by some users. :-(

  65. Hello!

    I used your tutorial with fantastic success to migrate over to All of the old individual posts go straight to their counterparts on the new WordPress blog.

    So, three days later, I helped a friend move her blog from to The main redirect works like a charm. The old Blogspot blog forwards to the new blog main page just fine. However, when I ran the plugin to get the individual posts to match up to posts on the WordPress blog, it didn’t work. I get the same header error code mentioned by several other people. I went to the WordPress forum and followed the commenting out instructions there, but that didn’t help. I still get the error code and cannot login to the wp-admin dashboard. I had to delete the plugin completely to get the error to go away.

    So, now her blog forwards to the new blog’s main page, but none of the individual posts point to the individual posts on the new blog site. It would be really great if I could figure out what went wrong. I did exactly what I did when I forwarded my own blog, yet hers doesn’t work — and we both came over from Blogspot to WordPress hosted on our own server.

    Any ideas for me? I loved how easy it was to move my own blog and redirect posts. Sure would love it if it would work for my friend’s blog!


  66. Oops. I take back the part about the individual redirects working on my England blog. I just tested again, and now the redirect points just to the main page. I didn’t change anything in my code. Weird.

  67. Hi again!

    I’m not using IE — I only use Firefox. Yet the post-to-post redirects do not work. They just direct to the main page of my blog (and my friend’s).

    Am I missing something?


    • @Jennie
      Please follow instruction in post carefully.
      You need to make changes to code before pasting them at appropriate places.

  68. I did everything step-by-step very carefully. I changed the permalink structure as directed, ran the fix.php at the appropriate time, altered each code with my own URL before pasting, and edited the plugin before activating it. Oh, and I upgraded to the latest plugin version when prompted by WordPress (prior to editing or activating). The old Blogger url now directs straight to my blog on my server, but individual posts do not go to individual posts. I’ve read some other tutorials that have more complicated instructions for forwarding individual posts, but they all have the wrong timestamp/permalink format, and I’m not sure how to change it to work.

    Guess I’ll have to go back to the drawing board!


  69. I used your plugin to migrate from blogger to my hosted wordpress.
    I was getting some header problems.

    “Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by”

    Because i was playing a a lot with the wordpress framework. I thought that it was me that caused the error. So i did a quick reinstall of wordpress and a simple import from blogger. Still plagued by the header problems i looked into the php. Clever idea by the way.

    Anyways, the problem i had was solved by making the entire file encapsulated by a block so there was no white space. I thought you would like to know my solution so you could update your plugin hosted at

    Lance Ingle

    • @Jennie
      Please try new version of plugin I just uploaded on wordpress.

      Thanks buddy. Made necessary changes and uploaded new version. :-)

  70. Hi again!

    I tried the new plugin. It does remove the header error message, but the posts back on blogspot still redirect to the main blog page — not to individual posts.

    Is there something I should have retried prior to installing and running the plugin?


    • @Jennie
      Can you give me links to your wordpress blog and old blogspot blog?
      I need to check them individually.

  71. [...] If you are migrating from Blogger to WordPress I recommend you to read Rahul’s post on Blogger To WordPress Traffic & Permalinks Redirection Plugin [...]

  72. [...] 3) Blogger To WordPress Traffic & Permalinks Redirection – By DevilsWorkshop [...]

  73. Sure! I appreciate it. The new blog is at The old one was at

    BIG problem, though — Blogger marked my old blog as spam and disabled it — see It was marked this way because of the redirect code I installed from your instructions. So I’m working to have it reactivated and will have to modify the redirect code so that Blogger doesn’t mark it as spam. Another commenter brought up this problem earlier — that Blogger will read certain types of redirects as spam. Eek!


  74. PS – This may help —

    When I submitted the request to have my blog reactivated, this is the link they gave me.

  75. Unfortunately, I have no access and won’t have it unless they reinstate my blog. When a blog is marked “spam,” they close it up even to the owner. And if they decide it’s still spam, they won’t reinstate it. If they do, I’ll invite you to the blog!

    • @Jennie
      Sorry to hear that Jennie.
      Do invite me when your blog get your blog back. Hope you will get it soon. :-)

  76. Thanks for the great plugin – after following your directions, it works perfectly! However, it looks like I’m making a mess of things.

    If you click on this link to our old blog

    You’ll see that the domain and permalink structure is different for the redirected post is different. It goes to

    instead of

    This domain ( is obviously one that we own, and I guess is pointing to the same server(?)

    How can I fix this so that it redirects to the domain that I want ( and not

  77. I just finished making the transition to wordpress and am following these steps to redirect my blogger blog to wordpress. However, I downloaded the plugin from wp, and when I went to edit it there was not an edit link, just activate. I saw that it was just updated 15 days ago, and so I am wondering if I still need to try to edit it, or if it has been updated to remove that step. If I do need to edit it, how can I do that if there is not an edit link. Thanks!

  78. Nevermind, I figured it out. I had to make the file writable and then I was able to edit it.

    Now I am having issues though having it direct to the correct page. My old blogspot address is It should be directing things to, but only the homepage is being redirected. If I go to this post, for example: It should take me to this post: but it’s just redirecting to the homepage.

  79. @Rahul
    I got that for a while too, but I have no idea why. I went back through and checked and re-checked the plugin code, and there is nothing whatsoever about my subdomain (which no longer exists- btw) Maybe I’ll just try deleting it, and then uploading it again.

  80. I just deleted the plugin, then re-uploaded and edited it to change this: to my blogger address.

    I also went in and deleted everything I had done with the blogger one and then copied and pasted the code above in my blogger classic template html section. I then went through and replaced this: with my new domain address.

    I am still only getting individual posts to re-direct to my homepage, not the corresponding post.

    Did I miss a step somewhere? Or what am I doing wrong?

    • @Trisha
      Did you imported Blogger to WordPress directly?
      I think there is some problem at wordpress end.
      Rather than plugin, you can try “workaround” code with some changes mentioned in later part of the post.
      If you go for workaround code, do not forget to deactivate plugin!

  81. @ Bansal I have same prob.. My blogger url
    wordpress .. I submitted a prev comment If u had recieved it plz .. Ignore…

  82. For those recently that are only getting a redirect to your new blog’s home page, what browser are you using?

    If you’re using IE, that’s all you’re going to get. Firefox and Chrome work just find. Try one of those and see what happens.

  83. I’m using Firefox and Safari and still get the redirect to the main blog page only. Blogger still hasn’t reactivated my old blog after marking it spam due to the redirect code, either….

  84. Successfully did it. Really nice one…

  85. I am using Firefox as well, and still only got it redirected to the home page. My blogger site was marked as spam, but I had to go back in and change some things around anyways, so I deleted this info and re-imported my old template, and they decided I wasn’t spam. I’m going to try it again using the work around code and see if that works.

    • @All
      Follow instructions carefully and use only redirect codes I have provided in above posts.
      It will make it less likely that your blog will be marked spam this way.

      Also redirection to individual post doesn’t work in IE. I use Mac so I don’t get much chance to see how IE redirects from one blog to another.
      I am also working on a completely new version of this plugin. It will be released in next month.

      Sorry but I really find its hard to give enough time for this free plugin. :-(

  86. [...] Blogger To WordPress Traffic & Permalinks Redirection Plugin @Devils Wordshop [...]

  87. This is great stuff, and appears to redirect well. When I tested it out on a test blog, Blogger started sending me messages saying it may be a spam website. I thought it may be because of the js redirection not giving any time, so I put this code instead which gives the JS a 5 second delay. I’ll see if it makes any difference…:

  88. Hi,
    I’ve tried importing my Blogger posts to my WordPress through the latter’s Import feature, but with no success. After looking up in the WP forums, it looks like a problem with certain webhosts.

    So I created a blog, imported Blogger posts to it, and then imported that blog to my account. This worked but thing is your plug-in doesn’t work for individual posts. It simply redirects the old Blogger posts to the respective WordPress.COM posts, which I’ve deleted to avoid penalization. What do I do? Is some modification in your plug-in possible for this situation? Please help. :)

    Blogger blog:

    • @Ashutosh
      Wordpress, when importing directly from Blogger, creates some meta-data with each post.
      I am afraid that this metadata is not present on your server. So plugin may not be working.

      Other reason could be misconfiguration on plugin part.

  89. [...] a note of thanks to Rahul Bansal for his cool Blogger to WordPress Redirection Plugin, which made the transfer so much easier. He’s working on support for Internet Explorer in [...]

  90. I was able to get everything to redirect successfully except for one small part. A large part of my traffic to the old blog was from google images and they link using this format:

    which is being routed to the main page of my new site ( instead of to the page that the images are actually on. Is there a way to fix those to direct appropriately also?


  91. I think that’s the format that blogger uses to indicate a monthly archive. So for wordpress it would be on my blog. When my site is getting indexed for google images or whatnot, they link to the monthly archive instead of the specific post so the redirect means visitors can’t find the post containing the image they were looking for.

    I’m looking for a generalized fix to translate blogger monthly archive links to wordpress.


    • @Ronnie
      Thanks for input buddy.
      I will make necessary change in next version which will hopefully roll-out next month.

  92. Hi !

    This is Mohamed Rias admin of Two days back i shifted my blog from blogger to wordpress. But i have problem in redirecting my posts from my blogspot blog ( ) to .

    Btw is PR4 and alexa 65,680 . I am afraid will i loose my SEO.
    Please help me with this plugin. Please add me to gtalk , so that i can understand it properly.

    Mohamed Rias

    • @Mohamed Rias
      Permalinks and SEO are 2 different things.
      This plugin will only ensure that your permalinks remain intact.
      Pagerank cannot be preserved with this plugin alone.
      You should have tried this guide for that.

  93. [...] WordPress Traffic & Permalinks Redirection but this solved with a help of wonderful article by Finally I have a new for my blog. The most important thing for me is My reader, the [...]

  94. Hi Rahul,
    Great plug-in, nice concept.
    I’m ask to you, It support for new WordPress 2.8 now??
    i would have to upgrade WordPress

  95. hEY
    I have used the above tutorial but when i browse my blogger blog it asks for redirection to …how can it be directly…..
    do i have missed any step?

  96. hi! i successfully installed this. but when an old blogger link is clicked, it redirects to my new blog homepage, instead of the new post link…i didn’t get any errors, so hopefully you can help :) thanks!!

  97. Rahul, need Help!
    I used this trick. I changed your URL into adn now my blog[] redirects to But none of the links on my blog are working. Where-ever I click, I land up on some ugly page. Can you tell me where I might have went wrong? I have used the “%year%/%monthnum%/%postname%.html” URL structure. Also, my blog with www[i.e. shows a 404 error. How do I go about this matter.Please reply ASAP coz I am loosing a lot of traffic.
    I have uploaded an ".htaccess" file which reads:
    Options +FollowSymLinks
    RewriteEngine on
    RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^ [NC]
    RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [L,R=301]

  98. Hi Rahul,
    I followed your blog posts to move my blog to wordpress. to

    As an intermediate temp blog, I set-up to first import all the Blogger Posts.

    But, after that I followed everything and setup a 2nd blog At the end, blogger posts got redirected to posts. I deleted the blog, so now I get 404.

    What did i do wrong? how to fix this so all my blogpost posts get redirect to wordpress post pages.

    Thanks in advance.

  99. Hey i was able to move my wifes blog over just fine using your plugin thanks a lot looking foward to the IE fix thanks a ton man!

  100. Hi Rahul,

    Will this plugin work if I have imported 2 or more blogger blogs into my new wordpress blog? I will only be re-directing 1 of the imported blogs with the plugin, so is it okay to use even though there are two sets of imported posts in the wp db?

    • @TechPaparazzi
      I guess u have modified redirection code in wrong way or pasted code in Blogger Layout when you are supposed to paste it into old style Blogger template.

      You seem to missed some steps. Please follow each and every line of above article very carefully.
      Also if you are in IE, permalinks redirection from post-to-post won’t work

      I haven’t mentioned about .htaccess anywhere. It is not needed.

      You are not supposed to redirect Blogger blog to temporary blog. Blogger blog should be redirected to final blog.

      I am not sure about IE fix as I use Mac. But ya, there will be major update to this plugin in upcoming days.

      Yes. In your case it should work. While modifying plugin codes, make sure you put Blogger blog URL for which you want redirection to work.
      In next version, there will be unlimited redirection. :-)

  101. Has anyone tried this with a really large blogger site yet.
    As in 2000 posts?

    • @Steupz
      Sorry for this very late reply. Actually I was busy in developing next version of this plugin. :|

      Anyway number of posts will not matter.

  102. Wow, I think it finally worked.

    Great, great, great tutorial, but I wouldn’t recommend it to beginners.

    Thanks so much,

    - Yiana

  103. Actually, I’m having some issues now, how can I check if the plugin worked? I placed a link from the old blog in the url and it gives me a 500 error.

    My old blog was and the new one is I created a redirect but if someone has saved an article, the links will show the 500 error.

    What am I doing wrong? Anyone have suggestions.

    - Yiana

    • @Yiana
      Sorry to say, but it seems that you misunderstood purpose of this plugin.
      This is for blogger to wordpress redirection.
      I see wordpress only at links given by you.

  104. I’m finally done. Imported my 20+ widgets, customized description, title tags…
    I’ve installed your plugin but it fell in the “infinite redirection problem”. The problem was that the directory where WP is installed is different from the “public” URL of my blog (and if you try to access the directory, you’re redirected in order to avoid content duplication!)

    I’ve solved with an ad hoc str_replace, but I’ll look into a more general way to do this.

    Thanks again for your priceless work.

  105. As promised, here’s how to change the plugin code to redirect to the correct page when the blog address is different from the directory where WP is installed.
    BTW, the problem arises only for WP2.5 and above, since the permalink used to be stored in the guid field before. I obviously don’t know if these changes would work on previous versions of WordPress.
    Now, for the code:

    1) change the query projection from “SELECT wposts.guid” to “SELECT wposts.ID”
    2) change the header/location call into:
    header( ‘Location: ‘.get_permalink($wpurl[0][0]).’ ‘) ;

    I’ve also added a “LIMIT 1″ to the query, it shouldn’t do anything bad…

    • @Dek
      Thanks for your inpput Dek.
      I will surely note your suggestion as we are about to launch a much better version of this plugin. :-)

  106. I have to say that plugin is one heluva good tool.i just used it and it is like wild fire,it just redirected my blogger blog to my wordpress blog.
    Thanks man.

  107. Hi Rahul,

    Thanks for the great pluggin. Have you looked into the problem with wp-super-cache?
    I saw someone else mentioned a problem with wp-cache. The page only redirects to the wp homepage and stops. I assume that the problem is with the conversion from blogger post id to wp post id to cached static html. Thoughts?


    • @MarcJ
      I am sorry to say but I haven’t noticed any problem with wp-super-cache.
      Actually this plugin intercepts requests much before.
      Anyway will run few extra tests to make it sure.

  108. How long does it take this plugin to map the posts? I have been running this plugin for about an hour and the old blogger posts simply redirect to the the new WordPress home page only.

    Just wondering if it takes a day or two, or if I messed something up upon install?

    • @Grant
      Wormeyman is right. :-)
      If plugin is installed properly, you will see results instantly. :-)

      Thanks for helpful answer. :-)

  109. *I am not the developer of this plugin*

    It is instantaneous if you configured it right, if you use internet explorer it will only redirect to the homepage a fix is coming sometime in the future so IE redirects work as well.

  110. @ Rahul I am not sure what I have done incorrectly as I have followed the instructions twice. My old blogger site was and the new WordPress site is

    I am just getting a blanket 301 redirect for the whole site and not each individual page redirecting from the old Blogger page to the new WordPress page.

  111. Hey Rahul,

    I moved my blogger blog to wordpress. But the old links of blogger blog is not getting directly redirected to new domain. Its showing Blogger redirect page first.

    Can you tell me how i can directly redirect all posts to new domain without that blogger redirect page ?

    • @Vishal
      It depends on what was your URL at blogspot URL.
      Also you need update blogger blog’s template code.
      Check instructions given in the above post.

  112. @Rahul I had to change back for SEO reasons.

    When I did try the plugin, I did change my Blogger Blog back to the old format then added in all of your code (I did change all of the URLs to the new URL). It sounds like I had the same problem as @Vishal.

  113. great post boy, i will follow you. thanks ya

  114. I setup the plugin as described and it is working except that on my WordPress blog I dropped the .html from the end of the URL. Is there a way I can edit the plugin to still support the post to post forwarding but have it know that it needs to drop the .html?

  115. This plugin work for me!!! but it takes time at first. Thanks man

  116. Hello Rahul,
    Thanks for this amazing plugin.

    Unfortunately it just seemed to stop working for me, after a month or so when it was working as magic. Anyways my adventured guess is that the new wordpress upgrade has something to do with it.

    At the moment the plugin doesn’t seem to be doing anything, as all my blogspot posts get redirected to my new wordpress blog’s root, instead of the actual post.

    Any workarounds or ideas as why is this happening?
    Thanks in advance.

  117. wow its cool and work for me too

  118. i m thinking for switching to wordpress , will have to try out ,
    thx for notifying

  119. Hi Rahul,

    Sorry if this is a repeat!

    I imported my blogger blog (private domain) to a new hosted domain on WP. I originally had a blogspot domain but changed to private.

    The import went well. I added the redirect code to the blogsot template and that went well.

    I added your redirect plugin and did the edit to the new WP URL. However, the redirects are all going to my homepage.

    Where did I go wrong?

    Thanks for your help… Mike

  120. Hello Rahul,
    By default what type of redirection use by wordpress for Permalinks Redirection??

  121. its awesome,

    you have very innovative mind.this article is full of creativity,I found it very useful.

    Thanks dude for writing such a useful article

  122. how perfect… how do you have it…
    it’s very usefull for me… thanks

  123. wow… it’s very awesome for me… thanks..

  124. Hi Rahul

    I used your advice in moving from my blogger account to a self-hosted wordpress blog. I was already using a custom domain on blogger (

    When doing the process, I think I made the mistake of deleting all HTML in the “classic template” in blogger and put in the code you mentioned.

    The redirection to works fine. But none of the specific page redirects work. for e.g. does not redirect to

    Can you please help me?

    Thanks for the plugin and post!

    Happy New Year!


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  126. I’m trying to redirect traffic from to The plugin seems to be working except that it adds an extra “/wp” to the URL of the redirect at I should note that I recently made a botched manual move of my WordPress installation from to . Any insights would be greatly appreciated!

  127. Excellent plugin. Helped me resolving my issue. Thanks man, a nice piece of code. I tested it on my dummy site, shall be placing it on the real blog redirection now.

    Thanks again.

  128. Hi Rahul your article’s is cool dude..
    i never know about it before… but this post has inspired me to develop my blog more better
    thank’s a lot ^_^ :D

  129. You do not say where exactly to place the code in the template.
    I have not got a clue. Can anyone help please?

    I have tired to use the forum but it does not appear to exist.

  130. its new tutorial for, acctually not much about this but i’m enjoying to learn it. thanks for the tutorial

  131. I am very happy I found your website on stumbleupon. Thank you for the sensible critique. Me and my girlfriend were just preparing to do some research about this. I am very glad to see such good information being shared freely out there.
    Ara from Warren city

  132. I moved my blog from Blogger to WordPress (2.9.2) and set up your plug-in today. It works great in Firefox, Chrome, and Safari, but in Internet Explorer it doesn’t redirect post to post. Instead it just goes to the new root level domain. Has anyone else experienced this issue? Is there a fix to make it work with IE?

  133. [...] posts on the old blogspot domain. After trying a few different ways to redirect traffic, I set up this redirection plugin with the corresponding code in my Blogger template. Now, if you try to access an old post using [...]

  134. Nice tutorial. I didnt know about bloggr to wordpress transfer without breaking the links . thanks for the share

  135. Looks like difficult but it’s so easy to follow and it works perfectly.

    Thank you so much for sharing.

  136. this post is really handy for every single noob blogspot users who are planning to move to wordpress

  137. altought looks difficult but it nice to practice it,..nice

  138. Hi, I am confused about where in the blogger HTML to put the redirect code? Can you help me? The way the code is written, it looks like I am supposed to replace ALL the existing HTML with your code. Please can you give me any more direction? As in “put this code after the opening head tag but before the closing body tag”. This will help me know exactly where it goes. I am trying to get this done ASAP because Google is about to redo the page ranks and I want my 3 back. LOL

  139. [...] başka yöntemde ise hayli kasıntı olan WordPress’i daha da kastıracak bir eklenti kurmanız ve çeşitli [...]

  140. [...] Unfortunately, I couldn’t save my permalinks and traffic at that time. I also lost some comments. But from my experience and lessons I learned from mistakes I made, I could help a lot of fellow bloggers over the years. See our free migration-guide and open-source permalink-redirection plugin. [...]

  141. Hi All,

    We have started a new FREE support forum where we will answer all your blogger to wordpress related question.
    Please use this new forum –

    We won’t be answering any question here.
    Sorry, this thread is really getting bigger and so unmanageable. :-(

    I hope you can understand my limitations as well.
    Rest, each and every question asked in new support forum will be answered within 24 hours.

    -Rahul :-)

  142. thank you..this really solved me….

  143. thank you… i’m like this post

  144. Hi Rahul,
    After reading your post, I have used ur plugin and successfully redirecting any post of to the exact post in
    Then I have a site I made it as multi-site WP. In that I have added And migrated to this aub directory site. But in this also i have used the same plugin ( i have used in the jobxroad. But it is not working. How can I fix this problem. Need ur valuable solution. Thanks in advance.

  145. thank you for this tutorial

  146. before I do this today — big question. On my new self-hosted site, I have trimmed and changed about half of my post names and links. Can/should I still do this or do a general redirect from the old site to the new one?


  147. Wow.. It’s a wonderful plugins. I just think how to move my blogspot to wordpress, actually you have develop this helpful plugins. Good work. I’ll try to use it. Thanks for your effort.

  148. Thanks for Tip sir..But Sory I not Understand

  149. Hey…I tried using your code to post in blogger first…to redirect and when I tried to go to the “old blog page” to see if it worked. I got an syntax error..something on line 71 in my header.php

    A part of my header reads:

    <a href="/”><img src="” width=”" height=”" alt=”Header Image” />

    <?php wp_nav_menu('title_li=&depth=2

    the bold line is the 71st line. What could be wrong. I then installed your plugin…and same error. So before I can even use your wonderful plugin…i need help redirecting my blog to my wordpress.

    Can you help!?!?! I would greatly appreciate it!!


    • well..that code didnt turn out to well: lets try this:

      <a href="/"><img src="" width="" height="" alt="Header Image" />

      ------>>>>>71st line<<<<-------
      <?php wp_nav_menu('title_li=&depth=2

  150. Nice Topic..I try but me

  151. Hi,

    I installed this when I moved my blog from my blogspot site to my own domain on wordpress. The site is automatically redirecting from blogger to wordpress (brilliant!) but when I do a google search none of the links are redirecting to their equivalent on It goes just to the home page. What did I do wrong and how do I fix it?


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  153. This plugin has been released with many new features which will solve most of your problems.
    Check this –

    Also we are closing comments here as this plugin and thread becomes outdated. For support, please user –

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