Are you ready to make money this “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday”!

Thanksgiving Day‘ falls on the fourth Thursday of November. The Friday that comes after Thanksgiving Day, is called ‘Black Friday’. This is one of the busiest days for retail shops in the US and reason for the rush is unbelievable discounts offered on that day.

Many people who do not shop on “Black Friday” end up shopping online on the following Monday. This Monday is called “Cyber Monday”. This leads major online stores/services to offer heavy discounts on their products & services.

You can read more about them on Wikipedia – Black Friday, Cyber Monday.

How to Make/Save Money this “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday”!

For Bloggers…

  • Most bloggers make money from various affiliate programs, specially web-hosting affiliate programs. You can keep an eye on your favorite web-hosting to see the deals and discounts they are offering on these particular days. ;-)
  • If you reader base has a lot of bloggers then you can write a post like this one on your blog. :P
  • If you are planning a giveaway then do it on these particular two days. This is a great way to tap the buzz from social networking sites like Twitter for promoting your own blog.

For End-users…

  • If you are planning to buy something, be it online or offline, I will advise you to wait for ‘Black Friday’ and/or ‘Cyber Monday’. You may get deals like never before.
  • Personally, last year I saw many domain/web-hosting companies offered heavy discounts for first year usage of their services.
  • You may also setup Google Alert on keywords like <product name> + black Friday to get instant notification about deals that could be useful to you.

So this Black Friday on the 26th November and on “Cyber Monday” on 29th November, plan out your online purchase strategy and get down to looking up special discounts and offers.

Do drop in your comments if you have more ideas on how to best use these two days when it comes to making money.

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  1. Good share Aditya. I’ll grab this opportunity to get some good deals and even provide some.

    BTW this is your 499th post. So, I’m the first one wishing you on upcoming 500th post.

  2. Hey Aditya!
    Nice to know that this is your 499th post on Devils Workshop and expecting your 500th post soon!
    Keep Going!

  3. congrats for upcoming 500th post. waiting for black friday and cyber sunday from couple of months. since its a day when most of the things getting cheaper and lots of discount coupons are available on web.

  4. Following devilsworkshop since long, its improving day by day.
    @aditya, your articles are good, congratulations for 5oo posts, when its coming?

  5. [...] Well, its time to leave regrets behind as we are hear with another awesome deal, this time for Cyber Monday. [...]

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