Blogger To WordPress Migration + 3 Years Hosting for $35.64 [Black Friday Only]

Update: Black Friday offer by HostGator is ended now. But you can still get FREE migration from us by following this promo.

Here comes the best to WordPress migration deal, which nobody want to miss! This is a combo offer which we are presenting with our hosting partner HostGator.

You will get our unique Blogger To WordPress migration service and 3-year quality web-hosting from HostGator forĀ $35.64!

How to Get This “Black Friday” Deal!

  1. Setup an alarm as special rates are available only between 5AM to 9AM CST (-6 GMT) timezone on November 26, 2011 i.e. Black Friday
  2. Once it will be right time, first clean your browser cookies by following this guide by Google.
  3. Next click on this link to reach HostGator shared-hosting package page. You can also bookmark if needed.
  4. Once you are on HostGator portal, please complete your purchase of 3 years hosting for $35.64 i.e. $0.99 per month!
  5. After you complete your purchase at hostgator, just email us at
  6. We will arrange for absolutely FREE blogger to wordpress migration for you.

Please note, like our other promos, this FREE promo is available for blogs who has less than 1000 posts.

If your blog is bigger you will get $50 discount, if you follow above steps.

What if you fail to get a deal between 5AM to 9AM CST?

Special rates between 5AM to 9AM are result of 80% discount available in those 4-hours window.

You can get 50% discount from 12AM to 5AM and 9AM to 11:59PM on November 26, 2011

That means if you are in US, and fail to rise up early, you can still get Hostgator hosting at rates below:

  • $89.1 for 3 years ($2.475/month)
  • $71.4 for 2 years ($2.975/month)
  • $41.7 for 1 year ($3.475/month)

Syncing Clocks…

If you are already in CST timezone, then only big deal for you is to wakeup early!

For other bloggers from around the world, below are 2 helpful links:

  1. Know what time it will be in your city when its 5AM in CST on Black Friday
  2. Check current time in CST timezone

Above two links will surely help you get desired timezone.

Don’t forget to click/bookmark our link – to get free migration!

Update: Black Friday offer by HostGator is ended now. But you can still get FREE migration from us by following this promo.

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