Premium Features

Our free features are what makes such a great community,
but we offer these optional upgrades to really help you stand out from the pack. Upgrades are priced per year.

Be the master of your domain ($13.00 – $25.00/yr)

Custom domainYour blog address is a sure sign of style, but what happens when you really get serious about controlling your online identity? It’s easy to add your own domain name, like, to your existing blog. Or if you already have your own domain name, it’s easy to transfer it to your blog.

Extra Storage ($20.00 – $290.00/yr)

If you find yourself running out of space, it’s easy to add more storage to your blog. You can add 10, 25, 50, 100 or 200 gigabytes to your blog, so you’ll have all the room you need to host tons of photos, videos, and music.

Custom Design ($30.00/yr)

The Custom Design upgrade lets you customize your blog’s fonts with a point-and-click interface — no coding required. If you know your way around a cascading stylesheet, you can really put a personal touch on your blog with the CSS Editor. Need help crafting your CSS? Our world-class support team has got you covered.

VideoPress ($60.00/yr)

Sometimes, you just have to say it with video. It’s a great way to add a little liveliness to your blog. With VideoPress, it’s simple—just upload your video and we’ll convert it to the right formats for sharing on the web (including an HD option for high definition video). We’ll present your videos in great style, with a minimalist player design that won’t get in the way or clash with your blog’s design. Adding VideoPress to your blog will instantly turn your blog’s RSS feed into a video podcast you can drop right in to any podcast player such as Miro or iTunes.

To the right: an example of VideoPress in action. Turn on HD for the full experience!

Go Ad-Free ($30.00/yr)

From time to time, we display ads on your blog to logged-out users who aren’t regular visitors. Doing this allows us to keep bringing you the free features you love.

However, if you’d prefer your readers didn’t see ads, you have the control to turn them off.

Guided Transfer ($129.00)

We love having you here with us at, but we understand that there are situations where a self-hosted site may be a better fit.

Have your site transferred by one of our Happiness Engineers in a Guided Transfer.

Premium Themes

Add more options for site customization, exclusive designs, and support direct from theme authors with a Premium Theme upgrade. Pricing for each theme can be found under in your dashboard under the Premium link in Appearance → Themes or on the Theme Showcase.

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