5 Reasons to Choose Self Hosting with WordPress

When you start a blog you must choose a good platform to host your blog. Many blogger might prefer to host on Blogspot because you don’t have to pay a single penny while starting your blog. But I always recommend choosing WordPress to host your blog.


Here are 5 reasons why I prefer to choose WordPress:

1.Open source:

WordPress is free open source software, which allows hundreds of people all over the world to work on it. Thus, there is a huge community which is ready to help you. WordPress has been built in PHP, if you even have basic knowledge of PHP, you can easily make your own themes or plugin according to your blog requirements.

2. Easy to install and update:

WordPress is very easy to install. You don’t require the knowledge of coding to install it or update WordPress. Once you get your domain live, it takes only few minutes to install WordPress and start with your blog. It allows you to customize all the options according to your requirements very easily for example changing sidebar, header, footer etc. You can also add multiple users in WordPress and easily maintain multi-user environment.

3. Themes and Plugins:

WordPress allows you to install awesome themes and also have quite a useful plugins which suits your blog needs. Lots of themes and plugins are available for free and you can install those themes and plugins in minutes without writing a single line of code. If you are not satisfied with plugins or themes for your blog, you can create one with basic knowledge of PHP.

4. Search Engine Ranking:

Main aim of all the bloggers is to earn money , good ranking in search engines can help you to earn online income.  WordPress is designed with built in auto-ping feature and it supports lots of plugins like Google XML sitemap or WordPress SEO which helps you to get indexed in search engines easily and achieve good ranks. All these SEO plugins are free and user friendly.

5. Social Network :

With Blogspot, I always found difficult to share my articles on social networking websites. WordPress is best way to share, import, export your blog post to your friends or social networking websites like Twitter, Facebook etc. with the help of user-friendly plugins. Blogspot post are hardly noticed by others or they simply ignore those post.


WordPress is always preferred for blogging platform because of its user friendliness and freedom to use it in your way without any hassles. Also self hosted WordPress helpful to take backup of your content (files and database) whenever you want. So self hosted WordPress is always on top than blogger blog.