Q 1. What will happen to images hosted/uploaded at Blogger.com? Is it possible to migrate all the images to WordPress?

A. Yes. We have our own codes to migrate all images from your Blogger.com server to wordpress server seamlessly. Also we make sure that once all images gets uploaded on your wordpress server, all your posts imported from Blogger have image tags pointing to your wordpress server. If for some reason, you want to use Blogger.com as your image server, we can leave your images there!

Q 2. What about Posts and Comments? Will you be able to transfer all the Posts and Comments as it is?

A. The way we migrate your Blogspot blog, all your posts and comments will be migrated as it is. That means on WordPress, your visitors can continue their discussion from where they left it on Blogger.com! 🙂

A. WordPress’ default permalink structure is different than Blogspot. But as wordpress is highly customizable, we change permalink structure in a way that none of your Blogger.com post links break once you migrate.

Q 4. What about my feed Subscribers? Will I lose them?

A. We know importance of feed subscribers. So will make sure that you do not loose any feed subscriber in the process. If you are using a service like FeedBurner we will give you a new feed URL. If you are using Blogger.com’s default atom.xml, we will add some codes to your blog. In short, we will make sure that your old subscribers continue to receive updates without taking an extra effort!

Q 5. What about downtime? How much it will be?

A. Blogger blogs run in 3 different modes! Subdomain, Custom Domain & FTP. While we are capable of migrating all 3 kind of blogs to the wordpress, FTP blogs may face few minutes downtime. Rest will be migrated without any downtime!

Q 6. Do I need to share my Gmail/Blogger.com password to start the process ?

A. We don’t need your Gmail/Blogger.com account address to start the process. All you need is to add us as admin on your blog and we will take care of everything else. We have posted detailed instructions for this here. Apart from that we will be needing your web hosting details, domain registrar (if you are using custom domain).

Q 7. Which Theme I will be using after the migration? Can I get a wordpress theme which looks like Blogger exactly?

A. If you can find a wordpress theme which matches your Blogger.com template, let us know. We will setup your Blogger.com blog with any theme of your choice.

Q 8. Can you create a custom WordPress theme based on my current BlogSpot theme (template)?

A. Yes, you can hire us for developing a WordPress theme which will look like BlogSpot template. We can do this at very affordable rate. It is advisable to get this done.

Q 9. I am convinced! I want to migrate my blog to WordPress, what should I do now?

A. Just contact us and we will help you get started in less than 24 hours!