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Blogger to WordPress migration

Unlike our most of Blogger to WordPress Migration projects, this has a bit different requirement. This project involved migrating Blogger.com blog into an existing self-hosted WordPress blog.

Like most blogs on Internet, Labor Relations Institute, was started on Blogger.com first at address – http://laboringattheinstitute.blogspot.com/

After sometime, when they moved to WordPress but they left their old blog as it is on Blogger.com. Rather than importing old Blogger.com blog, they started a new WordPress blog afresh at http://lrionline.com

So our goal was to:

  • Migrate all posts and comments from http://laboringattheinstitute.blogspot.com/ to http://lrionline.com
  • Setup permalink-redirection in a way which will move traffic from old Blogger.com posts to their new counterpart posts on WordPress.
  • As there was already an established blog at http://lrionline.com, we had zero room for error and has to be very careful in not breaking any existing contents and links.
  • Apart from above-mentioned job, Philip hired us for some plugin customization work as well. 🙂

Our team executed all at once without any error and now Labor Relations Institute’s Blogger.com blog is merged into a self-hosted WordPress installation


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