rtMoto – Free WordPress 3.0 Theme

rtMoto is a free WordPress theme built as an alternative for Blogger.com’s Mr. Moto theme.

This theme support WordPress features which includes:

  • Custom Menu
  • Post Thumbnails
  • Microformats
  • Threaded Comments
  • One Sidebar on Right
  • Sticky Post

rtMoto is compatible with WordPress 3.0 and onwards.

Important Note:

Thumbnail generation may fail if you are using a cheap webhosting and your blog contains very large images.

In that case, you can try increasing PHP-memory by following steps here.


This theme is mainly developed by Manish Songarikar & Pradeep Sonawane from rtCamp.

We also thank Philip Hofer for spending hours to make our theme compliant with WordPress.org standards. 🙂

Link: Download rtMoto from WordPress.org