Creating AccountExecs for Hosting with GoDaddy

AccountExec is a service by Godaddy with which you can give access to people without sharing your login credentials.

If you have not assigned anyone as an AccountExec you can refer our article – AccountExec Service from GoDaddy.

In the previous post, we had explained how to create AccountExecs to give access to your account. In this post we will see how AccountExec service can be used to give access to your Hosting Account only.

Giving Access to AccountExec

    1. Log in to your Account Manager.
    2. Click on Hosting under the My Products menu in the left sidebar.
    3. Click on Launch button which will show you the hosting for the domain, which will navigate you to the Hosting Account Center.
    4. Click on the Change Account link at the top right corner.

    1. Then select the account that you want assign to an AccountExec and click on the Assign AccountExec. If you need to create a new AccountExec, click on the New AccountExec button.
    2. Select the AccountExce from the drop down list and assign role to them, Click OK, as shown below.

In this way you can assign hosting access to your AccountExec. For more info check GoDaddy’s official article.