Managing Settings In WordPress


In a WordPress blog we can see there are a certain number of posts showed on the homepage along with date and time of publishing. These are some of the settings which are managed in WordPress with the Settings menu in the Dashboard.

How it works with Blogger!

As you know that gives us Settings menu, under which we can find some options, shown in below screen shot :

With all these options we can Import and Export content, set the Blog Title and Description, format of the blog, handle the comments and manage archives, email, Permissions, etc.

How it works with WordPress!

WordPress has also provided Settings option in dashboard panel on the left sidebar. All the options that has are also available in WordPress. Many of these settings you can find under Settings menu. (See image below)

General Comparison of settings in and WordPress:

You might be aware of the Settings in and I thought a comparative feature by feature explanation would be useful.

  • In under Basic option you can add Title and Description of site, like the same way you find options under Setting -> General in WordPress and also option for site URL.
  • In under Basic option you had options like “Search Engine“, “Blog Listing“, etc. You can find it in WordPress under Settings -> Privacy.
  • In options like “Show at most” and “Time and Date Formating” are in Formatting option. The same options are found in WordPress under Setting -> General and Setting -> Reading.
  • In there is an option for Comments, but in WordPress all the options about comments you can find under Setting -> Discussion. We can also moderate comments under the option Comments (below Pages menu).
  • gives option Site Feed for “Allow Blog Feeds” and “Post Feed Redirect URL”, but WordPress by default gives you feed URL, if you want to redirect your feed to your “Feedburner” URL then you can use FeedBurner FeedSmith plugin ( see Managing Plugins in WordPress).
  • There are further settings in like importing and exporting blogs which can be covered under the Tools menu in WordPress. Do check out All about Tools in WordPress for more details.

Bonus tips

Plugins and certain themes when used give us some extra settings options which we can tweak. These options often show up under the Settings Menu on the left side bar of the Dashboard.


When we use settings it has some limited scope regarding what can be customized. With WordPress there is a lot more flexibility regarding how we can tweak settings of the blog.