Managing Themes in WordPress


Every website or blog for that matter has a separate layout and visual style. A theme presents all your readers with easy navigation which helps them explore your blog better.

How it works with Blogger! allows us to tweak, change and install different themes from Design option as show in the image below.

How it works with WordPress!

WordPress also provides similar features add, activate, edit and delete themes.

How to install new theme?

  • Click on Themes menu under Appearance. (See image below)

  • Now we can see all the Themes available in Manage Themes tab. These are Themes are already installed on your WordPress blog.
  • We can also look up free themes on WordPress by clicking on Install Themes tab. Here we get the option to search themes with various features which you find ideal for your blog template.

In case you already have purchased a WordPress theme for your blog. Obviously it’s not available with the search options. In most cases you will have a .zip file containing the Theme. Simply click on Upload link and browse for the .zip file containing the new theme and click on Install Now button. 🙂


Here is a video of how to go about installing a theme with the latest version of WordPress.

Bonus Tips

We can also edit theme files from the Editor option but it is not desirable to use this editor and usually it is advised that a professional HTML and PHP editor is used. It is better to use FTP.


WordPress themes are usually more flexible than This design flexibility is one of the main reasons for people to move from to WordPress. 😀