15 Reasons to Migrate from Blogger to WordPress

Many bloggers who start on their blog on Blogger.com, might have need more than just a couple of reasons to migrate to WordPress. I know many bloggers who migrated to WordPress and they have given me many different reasons to migrate to WordPress.

#1. Ownership on Content

When you write your content on blogspot, it is stored by Google. There have been cases when Google has deleted certain blogs, when their terms of services were not followed. It is very rare but most blogger would like to have control and ownership of their hosting service and content they put up.

#2.Personal Domain name

Most blogspot blogs usually have <blogname>.blogspot.com as its URL. WordPress can be used on your hosting service with your personal domain name. This makes your WordPress blog unique from most blogspot blogs.

#3. Open Source Platform

The WordPress platform is open-source. This means it is free to be downloaded and used to host your blog. Because it is Open-source it also has many thousands of developers working and contributing on it, to make WordPress better.

#4. Developer Community

The WordPress developer community is really good. It also is vast and across many forums you can find a lot of help with WordPress features and plugins.

#5. Plugins

The life-line of any blog are its peripheral features. Obviously good content will take you places but other social and SEO features are required to take your blog places. WordPress literally has thousands of free plugins which are highly customizable and help with SEO and much more. There are no plugins with Blogger.com.

#6. Unlimited standalone pages

With WordPress we can create unlimited stand-alone pages instead of posts. These pages basically can allow us to use WordPress to design a portal and not just a blog.

#7. Permalink features

One of the best advantages of WordPress when compared to Blogger.com is the permalink structure. The permalink of every post can be customized, which makes it very user-friendly.

#8. Save files on personal server

With WordPress, you are saving images, pdf files and everything on your own personal server where your website is hosted. This can even double up as your personal host for files.

#9. Remote Publishing

We can publish posts to WordPress from a desktop blogging client or remote website that uses the Atom Publishing Protocol or even one of the XML-RPC publishing interfaces. All these options are not available on Blogger.com

#10. Comment Handling

Commenting systems like Disqus and IntenseDebate require blogger.com users to sign-in to their own website to access and manage comments. With WordPress this is done through the backend environment itself.

#11. Categories and Tags

With Blogger.com we can create labels for posts on similar topics. With WordPress there are multiple options of putting tags to posts and also organizing them into different categories. We can also have sub-categories. This feature is not available at all on Blogger.com

#12. Manage Multiple Blogs

WordPress allows us to host multiple blogs from one place itself. This allows freedom to manage multiple blogs from one blog itself.

#13. Coding and Designing

When it comes to design (CSS) and programing (PHP), WordPress has very good separation of code and presentation. This is done by storing design and coding files in separate directories.

#14. Embedding code through plugins

To track visits and other information, we often use Google analytics. In a blogger.com blog, we need to insert the code within the template of the blog. This can sometimes cause problems with the design or even leave the template broken. With WordPress we do not need to insert these codes manually as there are many free plugins to do the same.

#15. Easy updates

Because of the numerous options and features, WordPress often has many updates. The good news is that these updates are pretty regular and it is very easy to update the WordPress version. This is very good from a security and safety point of view for your blog.

Hope these points convince your to migrate over to WordPress. Do drop in your comments.

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