Setup Custom Domain on Blogger – User Guide [Series]

This is our second user guide on , the first being The Blogger To WordPress User Guide. In this user guide, we are going to provide easy to understand tutorials which would teach you how to setup a custom domain on Blogger with other web-hosting services such as Godaddy, Dreamhost, Enom,, Hostgator etc.

Why should you Buy a Custom Domain Name for your Blog?

  1. A Domain name of your own creates a sense of validity and belief to your identity on the web.
  2. Domain Names can help you drastically to promote your blog or company on the web.
  3. Domain Names give your website a feel of professionalism.
  4. You can use your domain name to create email ids of your employees or yourself. eg: [email protected] etc.
  5. You have complete portability of your domain even if you change the hosting service.

This tutorial series will help those who have already bought a domain name from one of the above web hosting services (Godaddy, Hostgator, Enom etc.) and want to link their Blogger blog to that particular web-host.

Happy New Year to our Readers 🙂