Update Version [2.0.3] Of Blogger To WordPress Redirection Plugin

Blogger to WordPress Redirection Plugin helps you after you have imported posts from Blogger.com to self hosted WordPress blog, using the built-in WordPress Importer. You can refer the plugin’s User Guide as well as the Video tutorial.

This post is to let you know about the updated version (2.0.3) of this plugin.

In this updated version we solved the following redirection issues:

  • Archives URL from Blogger blog will redirect to there corresponding WordPress archives pages.
  • Blogger labels URL will redirect to WordPress categories/tags URL.

For all current users of our plugin – you will need to upgrade to the new version of Blogger To WordPress Redirection Plugin from your WordPress admin Plugins section. (see the image below)

After successful update of this plugin you will see the alert message at the top of plugins sections (See image below)

  • Click on the link Run Configuration Wizard it will bring you to plugin settings page.
  • Then click on Start Configuration button and generate code.
  • Copy the code and paste it in you blogger template. (replace the previously added code which was generated by this plugin). You can click on the Hide this message! button.

For more info you can read our User Guide. If you are facing any problem with this plugin you can ask in our forum.

Thanks for using our Blogger To WordPress Redirection Plugin.