Update Version [2.0.6] Of Blogger To WordPress Redirection Plugin

After huge success of Blogger To WordPress Redirection Plugin (over 12000 downloads), we are now releasing a major update to our plugin.
Recently blogger.com (Google) announced to redirect users/readers to their country wide extension (like .in, .uk, .au, etc), which was creating problems to users while one to one post redirection.

Number of people were asking us to give solution for such redirection process in our free Support forum. For most of them the problem was same ‘single post URL was redirecting toward home page instead of actual WordPress blog post’. Considering growing demand of our plugin, our BloggertoWp team decided to over-come ‘country wide redirection issue’ and very soon we found a solution for this.

The recent release will overcome the country specific redirection issues and one to one redirection of blogger blog to WordPress blog will be possible again. ๐Ÿ™‚

Current changes in plugin:

  • Fixed some styling issues.
  • Fixed- Redirection of single blog post from blogger.com to WordPress home page blog.

If you are already using of our plugin in your WordPress blog, no need to worry, you just need to update the plugin from WordPress dashboard and everything will work the same.
If you are new user and want to migrate your blogger.com blog to self hosted WordPress, follow our Best DIY article and use our Blogger To WordPress Redirection Plugin. That’s it. And you are done. ๐Ÿ™‚

Feel free to get in touch with our free forum support, if you have any questions.

4 responses to “Update Version [2.0.6] Of Blogger To WordPress Redirection Plugin”

  1. I am an existing user. After updating to 2.0.6 I get the message “Blogger to WordPress Redirection plugin has been updated recently. Please Run Configuration Wizard to activate new redirection codes.” Is this step necessary for existing users?