[AccountExec] Giving access to Godaddy account without sharing password

Securing your server account details should always be a top priority. If you are using Godaddy’s Domain/Hosting service and if you want to give access to other users to your account, you can easily do that using Godaddy’s AccountExec Service.

AccountExec can be used to give access to other people to your account without giving them details about your username and password.

AccountExec gives you the power to organize domains and delegate tasks as an Executive. It can maintain control and other services that the account owner has assigned to other users.

How to assign AccountExec :

    • Go to Godaddy account : Login
    • Click on the Assign to AccountExec option, from the left sidebar menu.

    • Enter all the information of the other user for whom you want to make an AccountExec.
    • Click on the Invite button.

The person receives an email invitation to become your AccountExec. This email contains the link to accept the AccountExec invitation. The AccountExec should have a godaddy account or else will have to create one to accept the invitation.Once AccountExec accepts the invitation, you can assign domain names and other services for them to manage.

You can create a new folder for a particular domain that you want to assign to your AccountExec. Once you assign your AccountExec a folder to manage, all other folders are kept hidden, thus maintaining privacy.

Note: You can also use existing folders and share those as well.

How to Create a Folder for domain:

    • Select Domains from top navigation menu.
    • Click on the New Folder link.
    • One pop-up box will open add the folder name and description (optional), Click on OK.
    • The new folder is now created.

A. Copying domain into folder.

    • Click on All My Domains.
    • Select the domain that you want to copy into folder and assign to AccountExec.
    • After that select the copy to folder option from Organize menu.
    • A pop-up menu will open, select the folder that you just created from the drop-down menu and click OK.

B. Assigning Folder/Domain to AccountExec.

    • Click on Folders, select the folder you want to assign for the AccountExec, and then click on AccountExec on top of the folder list.
    • A pop-up menu will open, select the AccountExec name from the drop-down menu and assign Role as per your requirement.  Click OK.

In this way you can use the AccountExec service provided by Godaddy.Do drop in your feedback/opinions/queries below 🙂

For more info visit Godaddy’s official article for AccountExec.

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