Blogger To WordPress Migration with Intense Debate Comments

You might heard about Intense Debate commenting system and its features. Intense Debate provides third-party commenting system that gives more flexibility to you and your readers to post comments on blogs hosted with WordPress, Blogger and other platforms.

Advantages of Intense Debate

  1. With this your blog readers can get the chance to engage in a better way with your blog content.
  2. Comments will encourage and enhance conversation on your blog or website.
  3. Readers can subscribe to comments through RSS feeds.
  4. Email notification can be enabled when someone has responds to comments. Reply by email feature is also supported.
  5. Providing facility for comments voting.
  6. Intense Debate supports many platforms like WordPress, Blogger, TypePad, etc.

Issue: Cannot import comments directly into WordPress

You might have installed Intense Debate into your blog. Now you want to move your blog to WordPress. You may import all the posts from blog but you will not get the comments from Intense Debate account to your WordPress blog. This is because WordPress does not provided any tool to import from Intense Debate account.

Workflow of comments importer :

Solution – Our Comment importer tool

Our bloggertowp team has developed a tool that import posts and comments from as well as from other third party commenting systems like Intense Debate and Disqus account. This importer moves the comments from to WordPress keeping the comments related to the posts on which they were previously.

Checkout list of migrated blogs by our team under portfolio.

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