Blogger To WordPress Redirection Plugin

Update: We have released new version of this plugin. Now this plugin will work fine with new template. Just follow the instruction given below.Note: we have updated this article (screenshots and instructions) as per the changes in our plugin.For those who do not wish to use our To WordPress migration service, and want to move their blogs from to WordPress quickly, can use our free and open-source Blogger To WordPress Redirection PluginWhile it is nowhere close to the number of things we handle during migration, this plugin handles most important aspect during any Blogger to WordPress import i.e. redirecting everyone from old post to same post on new WordPress blog.


You have a blog on which you want to Import to self-hosted WordPress setup. If you have done it already, this is fine as well.As long as you have used WordPress built-in importer to Import from, you can benefit from this plugin.

Redirection Techniques Used in this Plugin:

The mapping between and WordPress posts is done on 1-to-1 basis for both search engines as well as human-visitors.Search engines redirection is taken care of by using META Refresh tag and “rel=canonical” tags. Together these techniques should be able to compensate for 301-redirection, which is the best solution but not possible on server.For human-visitors, they will be redirected using JavaScript codes, and if JavaScript is disabled using META Refresh tag.While most people believes that META Refresh is deprecated method, it is best option we have. Additionally, I found someposts which suggests that it works nicely.

How To Use This Plugin

A) Generating Redirection Code for

  1. Install Blogger To WordPress Redirection Plugin in your WordPress blog. For help on how to install plugins to your WordPress blog, check out our guide on How to manage plugins in WordPress.
  2. After installation and activation of the plugin, you will notice that a new menu option by the name Blogger To WordPress Redirection has been created under the Tools menu. Click on this new menu option.
  1. Now on the plugin page, click the Start Configuration button to generate code for blog.
  1. A list of blog names that have posts that have been imported to WordPress, will be displayed. Click on the Get Code button to generate the redirection code.

B) Copying Code to Template

  1. After copying this code, go to your Blogger account and click on the template menu and then edit the HTML section (Edit HTML) on your Blogger Dashboard.
  1. Note: Before replacing the code, save the backup of your template.
  2. Paste the copied code from step 5 to your Blogger template and click on Save Template Changes as seen below.

C) Testing – if Redirection is working properly

  1. Come back to the Blogger to WordPress Redirection plugin area and click on the Verify Configuration button to check your one-to-one redirection from your Blogspot posts to WordPress posts.

Thus you can easily move your traffic from blog to your current WordPress blog by using the ‘Blogger to WordPress Redirection’ Plugin.Here is a short video tutorial explaining the usage of the plugin.

Video Tutorial:

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