Custom Domain Setup on Blogger with Network Solutions

This short tutorial will help you to setup your Blogger domain name with your Network Solutions account.

Follow the steps below:

  • Log in to your account at the Network Solutions Account Management.
  • After logging in, click on My domain names as seen below.
  • A list of all your domains will be seen, click on the Manage option next to your desired domain.
  • Next, your current settings of the domain will be displayed as shown below. To edit the DNS settings, click on Edit.
  • Click on Edit A records, and enter the values shown below.
  • Add the following IP addresses to the Numeric IP field.

  • Now, click on ‘Continue’ to save the A records, and go back to the ‘Domain Names’ menu in the Account Manager. Select Edit CNAME records to edit the CNAME records of your domain.
  • Now edit the CNAME records with Alias as www and Other Host as

The DNS settings of your Domain have now been re-configured for your domain. Note that, it might take time for the changes to take effect depending on the TTL (Time-To-Live) that you have specified. After that you can setup custom domain name in your blog URL.