Redirect Feed URL From Blogger To WordPress

After the successful migration of to self hosted WordPress blog, many people face the problem of feeds not getting updated in WordPress blog with the current feed URL.

Problem about feed URL

The feed URL for blog looks like, and in the WordPress blog it looks like

Solution for feed to update..

We need to change our old blog feed URL to get all the posts to update when the WordPress posts get published.

    1. Login to your Feedburner Account.
    2. Click on the feed for which you want to set the URL.

    1. After that, click on the Edit Feed Details link and follow the instruction as per the screen-shot below

    1. Now change the original feed URL with new WordPress feed URL . (Feed URL looks like
    2. Click on Save Feed Details and you are done with the feedburner side.
    3. Now go to your WordPress dashboard. Install a plugin called FD Feedburner Plugin. (checkout the plugin installation process)
    4. After successful installation and activation of the plugin, you will observe that one menu is added in Plugins option Feedburner Configuration. (Update for new version 1.45 of this plugin : the menu in moved inside Settings option with name Feedburner )
    5. Click on it and add feed URL that just configured in feedburner account.

  1. It will help to redirect all the feeds from URL to new feedburner URL (

That’s all about updating your Blogger feed URL which would redirect to your WordPress blog after migration.