[Video] Blogger to WordPress Migration – Complete User Guide

To help our users with the step-by-step migration from Blogger to WordPress, we have made a complete DIY video tutorial, explaining all the steps for migrating your blog. If you have already read our Complete DIY Migration user guide, you would be able to understand this tutorial better.

This video will help all those who want to perform the Blogger to WordPress migration on their own, without our help ๐Ÿ˜‰

Follow the steps shown in the video and we are sure you wont encounter any problems.

You can always post your queries and comments in the comments section below. Enjoy! ๐Ÿ™‚

20 responses to “[Video] Blogger to WordPress Migration – Complete User Guide”

  1. Thanks very much for this video tutorial,which is an excellent step by step guide.My Q for you is this:I have embedded audio podcasts on my blogger blog, if I migrate to wordpress(I have a ready wordpress site on a domain name),will the audio podcasts also be imported?
    Also, blogger importer 0.4 is compatible upto wordpress 3.2.1. whereas I have the wordpress 3.3.1 installed. So, I am wondering if it will work?
    Kindly advise.

    • Hi Esther,
      Sorry for the delay in my reply.
      Answers to your questions:
      1. Whatever content you have in your blogger blog posts, will get moved into WordPress posts. It means, if you are having embedded code, iframe, inline css in html tags, etc will get transferred.
      2. Yes, the blogger importer work fine with 3.3.1 WordPress also.


  2. Nitun, I have used the twentyten theme. Anything I need to do if I change themes? Also, the default menu is not showing up in my site anymore. I seem to have done something, & cannot figure out what. Any ideas,how I can put it back there?

    • Hi Esther,
      I think first you need to create a pages in WordPress blog. Also you need to create menu inside WordPress. Hope this article will help you.

    • Hello Waad,
      Once you are done with the blog migration process, no need to use blogger.com account. All the content you can publish via WordPress only.

  3. Hi, thanks for the awesome video and help, the migration worked perfectly!
    But, a question – if I dont put in the fix code will it matter? I dont care about seo or anything from the previous blog b/c it didnt get any traffic.
    Without it, everything looks fine and I dont want to mess around with FTP and code etc.
    Please answer, thanks!

    • @Ks
      Sorry for such late delay in my reply.

      Answer to your question:
      You must need to run fix.php file, so that you will get one to one redirection of posts from blogger blog to WordPress, otherwise user may get 404 not found error on WordPress when they try to open old blogger posts from their bookmarks or any other source.
      Once you get the output DONE after running fix.php, you should delete that file (it will be of no use then).
      Hope this will help you.


  4. Awesome video. I’ve got stuck with uploading the fix.php though. filezilla uploaded it but when I try to open it in my domain it says Error 404 โ€” Not Found
    You are trying to reach a page that does not exist here. Either it has been moved or you typed a wrong address. Is it because I’ve just had the blogger domain re pointed to bluehost? Should I have done that first?

    • @Sue,

      Make sure you have added the fix.php file in correct directory location from where you can access that file.
      Example: if you have index.php file under /home/public_html/ folder then add the fix.php file in the same location.
      If it is not working for you, then can you please create a support forum and upload a screen-shot as well as blog URL along with fix.php file.


  5. Hello Nitun,

    Will this method copy the information from blogger during the import or will it remove the content from blogger during the import? I want to make sure I am only copying just for redundancy reasons, in case the migration doesn’t go well I can use blogger until I complete the migration.

    Thank you,

    • Hi Nissim,

      This method only copy the content from blogger blog to WordPress. All the blogger content remains on blogger.com account.


  6. Hi, I imported my posts from google blogger to a custom domain wordpress site. The blog posts have been imported and all are shown on the homepage however each link for individual posts give a 404 error. It appears the content for each page is not there. Please advise. I have not performed a redirect yet.